Reading Room

This room was originally a dining room with a big ol’ chandelier. Slowly but surely we have been transforming it into our kid friendly reading room. My Dad helped by installing a fan and yesterday, I spent my Christmas cash on this rug. I love it! It brings a lot of light into the room making it a wonderful place for enjoying a good book.
It is not finished. As you see I need to finish hanging up some pictures. I would like to get 2 large bookshelves but instead of holding off until I can afford the ones I want and have the room be empty for who knows how long, why not make do with the bookshelf and stuff I already have? Perfect. Maybe I don’t need those huge white bookshelves I originally imagined after all. ðŸ™‚World of books here we come!
Also, my friend gave me a great idea to cover a bulletin board with cute material and designate it as a place to display kid art. My kids love this and appreciate their art being displayed. To do this, I just found a bulletin board at a local thrift store and covered it with some material I already had. I used a staple gun on the backside to secure the material pulled tight against the board. You should try one!!! They are cute, functional, and won’t break the bank! Plus, your kids will feel special to see their art everyday. You can’t go wrong. ðŸ™‚


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