Fancied Up Fireplace

So I probably shouldn’t disclose my little fix-ups and revamps but why not if it helps someone? Maybe this will inspire you to do a little something to get your place in tune. This update  took me 1.5  hours and cost me ooooh I really shouldn’t say but 95-100 dollars. If we would have hired someone and had them put it in or maybe did all the hours of labor, prep, and planning it would have cost us around a $600-1000 easily.

The secret thing is these are PEEL-N-STICK tiles!!! I don’t even believe it myself when I look at it. It looks that good. It really does. The sticker is 3-D so it looks like these are real tiles. I am very pleased with it. There were styles for less but since it was my fireplace, the accent of the living room, I wanted to make sure I chose something I loved even if it was the most expensive of the choices. But honestly it is still a great price. I love it!
I got them from Lowes and they cost 7.19 a sheet. I used 12 sheets I believe.  I am going to be using these again. I tell you these things because you don’t have to break the bank to get your place a happy space that you love. You really don’t. Listen to your inner voice. If it says you really don’t like something every time you pass by whether it is a certain room that is chronically messy, the arrangement of the room that throws you off, or a blah fireplace that you wish was just a bit more fancy. Think outside of the box and figure out how you can solve it in a manageable manner.
You can do it!!! You are amazing my friend. Whoot, whoot! If you want to get brave and show something you did recently please please post a pic in the comment section.


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