Exercise in Creativity

Sometimes all you need is what you have.
I believe this goes for finding joy from within as well as often times for physical/material things. Why not try looking around at the things you have and change something without purchasing anything when you feel this need for a change? With a new coat of paint, some heavy duty cleaning, or organizing, you can greatly transform what you have to be glistening and glowing with good vibes.
Think of life is an art in balance. Sometimes we think we need a new dress or new this or that but what if during those times we think we need something (sometimes just go for it) but other times, more times than not, work on sharpening up what you have.
I mentioned above that it applies to within because it does. Sure it is nice to hear how others are making progress in their lives, and have them tell us what is cool and what isn’t or even see these things on social media/instagram/facebook. I get that and it can be really helpful. You can learn a lot from others and get encouraged to try new things, perhaps things you might not have thought to try on your own. At the same time, realize all you really need, the most essential things, you already have. You don’t need to be in a constant state of searching for more and never feeling satiated. Your gifts, personality, and eternal worth as a child of God that are already set in place are ENOUGH.
So as an act of celebrating what you have and showing gratitude for it, fix up something today within your home. Take even 30 minutes to clean, organize, or revamp something you already have until you feel it sparkling with a sense of satisfaction. Something outside of what you would normally think to do. You can do it! I challenge YOU!!! 🙂
Here is my table I revamped last week. I have had it for years but I decided I wanted to give it a fresh look with a white top. I sanded down the stain with an electric hand sander and painted the top white. I used a roller so the paint would go on evenly and then used a paint brush to even out the texture from the roller. Whoohoo!


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