Time to Get Tough

As strange as it sounds, I have been using this piece of electrical machinery every other day recently. I didn’t think it was a big deal, like maybe everyone does this but my Mom told me it was actually pretty unique and that I should share this on my blog. So here it is!

In the last week, I have fixed my dryer (I watched youtube videos and figured it out! Thank you Youtube!) , fixed 2 vacuums, put up a baby gate, installed a new door handle with a lock, put up 15-18 baby proofing cabinet & drawer locks, and moved around shelves in my garage using this lovely power drill.

I am posting this not to say ‘I am so great’ but to encourage others out there that you can totally do this, too!!! Yes, there is a little dirt and grim involved as you can see in the inside of this vacuum, and a little faith as you are venturing to learn something new that might take a little trial and error but it is awesome when you start figuring it out! Practice this willingness to fix it yourself habit and it will be wonderful to 1. not have to call your hubby for every problem who may or may not know how to fix it, 2. wonderful to save money and time by not having to replace stuff right in left with going to stores and calling people 3. wonderful to be able to take the responsibility and then move on with your life without having to wait on others to take care of it.
You can do it!  You can learn to be a just a little more self reliant bit by bit, too. When you have a problem, research it.  Watch some YouTube videos, learn from friends, and pick up a hand drill today.  Ha, ha, no seriously though you have every right to get tough and take charge in your life where possible. You can do this. You are more capable than you realize. Just learn a little bit at a time and you will be amazed what good can come from it!


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