Peace & Order

This is what you would see on my kitchen wall! Yay! These are 2 of the 5 must haves I mention on the sidebar of the blog. I will go into the others later but I’ve been so busy lately I wanted to post SOMETHING. 

Another amazing tip I have discovered is that if you keep your fridge clean, in addition to meal planning, it is somehow easier to eat healthy. I think it is because when I open the fridge and see it neat and tidy, and not a flood of chaos, those positive vibes carry over into desiring to eat right, too? It really does help me and I thought I would share. 🙂
This is before I went to the store, so it was nice to have space to store things when I got back. It doesn’t always happen before. Sometimes I clean it as I am putting in the new groceries but it does help a ton to strive to clean it each week. 🙂


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