Organizing the kitchen

This was much easier to do then I had thought. It really didn’t take that long and makes such a difference to see such beautiful order when I open my cupboards.  Plus, by doing all these organizing projects I really think it helps teach my kids understand where things go and that there is a order to things. All things have a place and individual significance. If they aren’t of use to us then we gladly send them on to be donated or thrown away. Beauty and cleanliness come on in to stay!
P.S. These organizers were so cheap $1 for two or three depending on the package. My label maker has made a world of difference, too. I thought I would just remember when I disignate a place to put things but in the rush of trying to put things away, the honest answer is I don’t always remember. Now everything has a specific spot so there is no excuse.  I love it and totally recommend it.  Just start small and try to do 1-2 drawers/cupboards or even just 1. Get a label maker!!! Writing your own labels is not the same as the clean crisp print label that prints off with a sticker backing and is in your hands in seconds. Love it!
Here is what I use. It is great! $20 very well spent.


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