Dance Recital Wraps

Last weekend my older two girls performed in a dance recital. On the rehearsal night they noticed that many of the girls had a robe they would wear over their dance costume during the down time and begged that I get one for them as well.  Since this was only two days from the actual recital and it might be a lot of extra work driving to different stores looking for something that would work, I thought what they heck, I can just make that!
I used two of my shirts that I had in a bag “to donate” because they weren’t working for me anymore. Perfect. Then, I had the girls try them on and accessed what I would need to change and thought about how I wanted them to look. With that in mind, I got to work cutting and sewing. No need for an extra trip to the store with four energetic kiddos and as an added bonus it was 100% free!!! Problem solved and budget not touched. Woohoo!


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