"Extra Quality Time Moment"

Every once in a while your kids ask you to do things that you don’t really want to do, but you do it anyway because you love them and you know it means a lot to them. Here is one of those moments. We made Lip Balm! My oldest daughter got this as a birthday present and has been dying to try it out. All the girls got to participate at least by sitting and watching close by.
Yay! I get brownie points for an EQTM, an “Extra Quality Time Moment.” How is your day going? Are you making time for that “Quality Time Moment” that matter so much? Or even an Extra Quality Time Moment? You can do it! It only takes a couple minutes and a good book or really looking them in the eyes and asking about them. It’s hard sometimes, trust me I know, but it is the simple things honestly that are the most meaningful.


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