Couch Revamped- You won't believe the before!!

So this is what our couch typically looks like in the playroom. It is covered by a slipcover that never stays on. It was a pretty nice slip cover I bought a while ago so I was less than thrilled with how it held up. I don’t want to spend my time reapplying the cover so I thought there had to be another way to fix this…
The actual couch looks like this underneath. Some would say it is time for a new couch, but I beg to differ. Time for some Fix-Up-Magic!!
Woohoo! Check it out!
I cut up the slipcover and then reattached it so it was taut against the frame of the couch with a staple gun. Then I used the remaining fabric to sew a cover for the two cushions. If you take off the cushions you will see a different dark gray material on the bottom side because there was only enough of the slipcover material to cover the top and front sides with a little over the edges. You can’t tell unless you take off the cushions-if that makes sense.  A lot of couches are made like this with the nice material on the top, so honestly its not a big deal.
Price for the “new couch”? FREE because I used supplies I already had. Whoopee! I love this type of fix-ups! No amount of jumping or pillow fighting is going to wreck this baby.  (Well, I better not tell my kids that… Ha,ha.  Basically, it is sturdy and looks great!)
Materials needed:
Staple Gun
Sewing Machine
A Creative Spirit


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