Spend A Little Time at Their Level Daily

Now the older girls are back at school, the younger girls are getting more Mommy time! My kids and I are far from perfect but they honestly do pretty well and they are really good kids. It is not that I am some amazing Mother or just lucked out with even tempered kids but that I have committed to spend time with them and prioritize them each day. Like I said I am not perfect at it and I want to do better. But I can honestly say when I commit to spend time with them, really be present with them and do the activity they want to do, even when it is small for at least 15-20 min a day, they reciprocate and help me out more by listening to me better throughout the day.
It makes a huge difference when I have put in the time to build our relationship. Sometimes it’s not enjoyable at all, I get that. I have been there. But it works. Spend time with them. BE PRESENT at their level. I want to be better at this and commit to do more. Reading is the best and most convenient although it takes a little bit of effort to get them to focus in the beginning  but by bringing it to their level, reading what they like and making it really exciting with your voice inflection, it will make a big difference in their behavior. 🙂 Look at those cute happy faces.


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