Bows, Deck Painting, and Bedspreads Revamped

Recently, I have been thinking about the post I put on the Mom Made Magic Facebook page about what keeps my marriage strong. Outside of the traditional answers like date night, being kind to each other, this is an additional thing that keeps my marriage strong. And that is that I take the initiative to learn and do home fix-ups myself without having my husband always do it for me.   This is helpful because 1) I recognize he already has a ton on his plate and doesn’t always want to do a home fix-up project when he is home 2) I love seeing progress and it would be hard for me to always wait on someone elses timetable for the progress I love. Now there are times I have to wait either way but there is always something I could do or learn so progress is made. Yay! Recently I scrapped and painted the deck floor and stairs. Here is a snapshot of the stairs mid project. It looks so good!
I also fixed up my older daughters room with these new bedspreads I cut and sewed from a king size bedspread. The other ones were too bulky and heavy, making it difficult to make their bed. They look really cute in real life and were only 12.50 a piece since the original king cover I got for $25. Woohoo! I think the more neutral color goes well with the wall paint as well.
One other project I have worked on this week has been making some new hair bows as well as throwing out old looking ones. I have four daughters so we use hair bows a lot and I want to keep the hair bows looking cute and nice!! I love these new stylish and felt ones.

Since their bedspreads always looked like the picture in the before shot, I decided it was time to get them different bedspreads that where a little less soft and comfortable and a little more sturdy and lighter weight which would make it easier for them to straighten each day. Yay!


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