Bronze Door Knob Exchange

This may sound silly but for the last year and a half I have been wishing I could change out the original brass door knobs for something more modern. We finally bit the bullet and did it! Woohoo! I was originally going to take off the original ones, sand, and paint as I had read about in a popular DIY blog online.  My Mom-n-law thought that seemed awfully difficult and risky but might not even even stay no matter how strong the spray paint said it was. I'd say she was right. We went ahead and just bought these from a local Home Store and installed them. It was worth the little extra knowing they won't be scruffing off through time and they make my whole house look new! Try it! It makes a huge difference and is quite simple to install once you get the hang of it. Just my kind of fix-up!

Update: 12-15-2017 I went ahead and painted all the doors of the master bathroom and closets because they were an aged white and did not match the bright white of the bedroom doors. I think the owners ran out of steam after painting the bedroom doors. It was tedious and took a lot of patience on my part to paint all the crevices so I understand. Whew, it is done now though- thank goodness! I love how new a fresh coat of paint makes everything look so nice. Woohoo! :)


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