Guest Room Painting is Completed!

I had no problem with the color of this room when I first moved in but the last couple of months I've had the itch to do a little updating. I know I am 4 months pregnant now and should be taking it easy but I think being prego has made things worse for me because it has spurred me into this MEGA NESTING MODE.  Yeah, it is not a good thing... Haha.  It is not the funnest thing wearing a mask all the time and taking extra precautions to keep things super well-ventilated either. 

Well after seeing how painting made such a dramatic transformation to our "library" room, I decided I wanted go ahead and try something new in this room. Note to readers and self: Listen to an audiobook or some upbeat music because it makes the work go faster and be more fun. I am not sure why I forgot this little trick while doing this room this time?

 Check out the transformation! I have other ideas for this room so stayed tuned! ;) 


  1. Love the transformation!!! Looks so peaceful, and elegant now!


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