Revamped Art Above the Dresser

 Recently, I have been in the market for some large art to put above my dresser. I quickly found that anything larger that a simple 8x10 frame piece really started to jump in price. I really wanted something large to put above my new dresser but didn't necessarily want to spend $100-200 for it as I was finding at the home furnishings stores. Even the discounted ones were still expensive for my budget.

So, while I was shopping at Aldi the other day I ran across these prints.  Now originally they were pretty dull and cheap looking but the price was right only $8.99 for 2 so I decided to give them a try with an idea that I had in mind. When I took them home and put them on the wall, they looked rather plain like I mentioned so, I decided to try to give these pictures some more pizzazz by adding color and texture over the top of the existing art.  If it worked out to be a disaster all was good I thought to myself, I only spend $20 dollars on the whole art piece so I would survive.

The problem with the colors was there was not very much variation in tones. There was no white and the water at the bottom was a dark purple brown color that looked rather depressing. I added bright white to the clouds and reshaped them to be a little more varied in shape and size for contrast in each picture.  Then I added a variety of blue, white, teal, and even a touch of light purple to the water at the bottom, significantly lightening it up and giving the whole piece a more light-hearted whimsical appeal.

Last, I added some clear sparkle craft paint over the top of the mountain range part to add a little extra texture and fun. I am so pleased with how it turned out and the price I paid!!! Woot woot!  I am no painter and I didn't appy any special shading technique.  I just went for it and sort of added color where it looked a little dull. I already had a container full of craft paints so this didn't cost me anything and when I didn't have quite the color I wanted I mixed the paints on my handy paper plate to get more of the look I was going for. Yay! Very pleased!


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