Changing Up the Master

Not too long ago I showed you an update of my new blue flower bedspread. Sadly, I am already ready for something new and that was only a few months ago...  I think I just like to change things up every once in a while to help me love the space I am in and freshen up the atmosphere. Also, when something is so bold I tend to get tired of it faster. I have found that more subdued classic looking pieces seem to stay a lot longer.

The secret with this update was that instead of buying a whole new comforter, I just flipped my current one over to reveal this soft pastel pink color on the underside. I have recently been paying more attention to both sides of a comforter when I buy them, with a thought that maybe I may be making use of both sides in the future.  I did purchase some new throw pillows and added a decorative white-washed wood piece above the bed. I had been looking for something above the bed so I was already wanting to do this regardless of the bedspread choice. 

I like the look of this but now that I see a picture of the room and am not actually standing in it, I know what I want to do next.  Any guesses? Do you see the wildlife art that I talked about in my last post? It is still working out great. :)


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