Closet Reveal!

Finally, I can post this! This project has taken me a couple weeks, if not a month and a half because I haven't had a huge amount of time to devote to it so I just worked a little bit at a time (mostly late at night) when I had no disruptions and felt up to it. But it is finally DONE!!! Woohoo!!!

What inspired me to work on this in the first place was being pregnant and feeling... how should I say it, not so great emotionally and physically. Like most women, maybe I moreso than others :( (I oddly enough hear some women love being pregnant??) do NOT love being pregnant although it is all worth it for that beautiful little baby someday which seems an eternity away.  (Please don't judge me too harshly in all of this.) So in an attempt to feel beautiful and special during a time when I really don't feel great, I decided to improve my personal space. We lucked out that this house came with two master closets, a separate one for Him and Her, so this was even an option because I don't think Jason would be very happy with this for his closet.  Hee hee.

All the white, black, and gray paint, wall art, velvet hangers, chandelier, mirror, footstool, small shelf boxes, top shelf gray boxes, and rug (which I happened to have) all cost a total of around $275 which I think is pretty good! It could have cost a whole lot more, trust me. Typically a chandelier alone will cost about that much or at least half that much. I got mine on a whim at a garage sale for $3 back in the summer with a thought that maybe, just maybe, I could use this. I ended up sprucing it up with some black spray paint, added some crystals I bought off of Ebay, and it actually looks pretty decent.  I am very happy with how it all turned out and honestly, glad it is done. I am not the best at taking pictures and especially these days when my time is so limited but I tried my best. Woohoo, project CLOSET!! Yahoo! :)

These are my winter clothes. I love clothes... mainly because I love variety and creativity. I will switch these out for my spring wardrobe in March. Okay, maybe this was way more than you wanted to know about me but there you have it. :)

Update Feb 17, 2018: 
Opps, I forgot to post the before pictures. Here they are!


  1. Love love love it!!!! It is a gorgeous space for a gorgeous gal even when pregnant. :) Love your honesty! I think we all feel a bit blah during certain trimesters of pregnancy. This is the perfect space to feel beautiful in!

    1. Thank you! All my girls love it, too. They called it the castle room this morninng. Maybe because of the chandelier? Haha :)


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