Recovered Chair!

I was in looking for a new smaller white rustic wooden chair to replace my current mismatched chair that I have been using for our kitchen desk the last year and a half. Since I had already spent my budget for the month, I had to get creative.  All the chairs I were eyeing were at least $125-199 for a single chair. I realized that the chair shape and design that I was going for was not that far from a chair that I already had at home and wasn't sure where to put. The main difference was my chair had arm rests and therefore could not fit under the desk.
I decided to take a second look at it and see if I could change that. Well, I decided to go for it and used a hammer to pull off the arms. It then looked like this.
 The seat cover was pretty beat up so I knew I wanted to replace it or get rid of the chair soon anyway so I then endeavored to find some fabric to recover it and stuff the two side holes where the arms had attached with cotton padding.

It turned out great! It took me a little time to have the guts to go for it and start ripping away to pull off the old upholstery but once I did it, it really wasn't that hard. There were a bunch of staples along the trim where it was attached but it wasn't that bad- seriously.  I then used the shape of the old upholstered piece as a pattern to cut my new fabric (which I found a t thrift store for $4). I cut it one inch larger around all the edges so I could turn them under when I stapled the new piece on the chair.

I used some natural colored cotton twill tape as my trim and hammered in black upholstery nail heads that run about 97cents a package. It was great. My new chair cost me approximately $15 for all the supplies. Much  better than the $150 chairs I was eyeing at all the stores. It looks great and I think the fabric will hold up even better than the ones I saw at the store which all had a off white seat. A color that might clash with the white I am going for in my kitchen and not to mention stayed clean looking super long with my little ones. :)


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