Adding Nailhead Trim to Chairs

Check out my latest fix-up! I got these two green chairs for a steal at a local thrift store for only $15 each because they were having a half off furnture sale. I supposed they looked sort of outdated with the skirt on the bottom and dull appearance. I almost didn't buy them because I wasn't sure if I could really revamp them but I could see the material was in good shape.

Click ABOVE for before pics and the process...

I had to think on the spot what I could do with minimal effort to bring these back to life. Once I created a basic image in my mind of how I could spruce these up, I decided to just go for it and purchase them. I love how they turned out!

Removing the skirt and adding the trim added life and sparkle. Everything else about the chair is unchanged. I like the teal color. too. It went out of style for many years after the 70's I believe but is back in now. They look super cute and I am well pleased! Although, there were a ton of staples to remove the skirt, it really wasn't that hard since I didn't reupholster the seats or anything massively hard (in my book).  Check out the easy bronze trim below that I put on after removing the chair skirt. It only takes a nailing a couple nailheads in place.

Then added this trim from Joanns Fabric Store! Don't forget to get a 40% off coupon online before. 


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