Doll House Makeover

Since my four daughters and I both love to craft what could be better than combining our interests together to fix up their doll house. It was about time this house got some tender love and care. My girls loved this project. I put in new wallpaper, carpet, as well fixed up the Barbies hair and clothes. I have a feeling this project is going to be a summer-wide project. My older daughter who is nine now wants me to fix up the other Barbie house so look forward to that in a couple weeks. Also, looking at their Barbie collection I see they could definitely use some more clothes and accessories. :)

For this project I got a couple of things from the dollar store including: 1 roll of black and white flower vinyl laminate paper you would use to protect the inside of drawers, 2 gray placemats, 3 small picture frames, and 2 gray carpet pieces. So, I guess all in all it cost $8 plus tax.

All the rest of the colorful wallpaper and flooring I used from a scrapbook paper booklet I already had. I simply glued it in with elmers glue. I also made some more blankets for their doll bed from scrap material I had. 



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