Cleaning Fridge & Commiting to Cleaner Eating

I am back at my cleaning and organizing kick in order to get my life more in order again! This is before I went to the grocery store and filled it with delicious colorful vegetables and fruits. The first step was to get it not only squeaky clean which I mean to do once a week (haha), but to de-clutter my ridiculous collection of salad dressings and condiments that had built up recently.

Now that my new baby is almost 4 months old, I am also ready to crack down on losing this baby weight that I have been holding onto. There is nothing quite like a clean fridge, condiments I have purposefully chosen, and space to put those gorgeous greens and natural foods of the earth. Twenty five pounds lighter here I come. I mean business now with calorie counting and going to the gym. Ahh! I can do this!!


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