Making Oktoberfest Costumes!

Oktoberfest is coming up and although we do not drink alcohol we will still be celebrating by going to a Oktoberfest Dinner Party with friends. They said we could wear authentic Bavarian costume wear but since we didn't have any I thought, maybe I should make some! Here is what I have created so far.

I don't have time to do anything from scratch right now in my life (or maybe ever because I am not that good at it) so I have made these by putting pieces together from things we already had or revamping a few pieces I bought. Total I have spent $10 and that is for everything, ribbons, and any extra fabric piece. Yay! I am excited for the kids to wear them. I am running out of steam though. I need to make one more children's dress and I am thinking I will just buy some lederhosen for Jason. :)


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