Painted Barbie House #3!

So, my kids like Barbies and I do, too. I love anything that encourages imaginative play and especially that translates into dreaming what they want for the future. Imagining the kind of person I wanted to be and what talents I wanted to have as I played Barbies and dolls is how I got my imagination fueling at a young age. I believe it has only served me well in adulthood.

This Barbie house was given to us along with all the cute furniture from someone from my church whose granddaughters used to play with it. I thought it was precious but could use just a little brightening up with some white paint. Previously the frame was a light-honey wood color. I also put wood looking laminate paper I had on hand over the first level flooring that was outdated looking. It is so cute! What a sweet gift to receive! Thank you!!!


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