The Switcheroo Tactic

Something that I learned from my medical student wife days, or years I should say, and still works beautifully today is this Switcheroo Tactic. This ROCKS! I can not take the credit for this. Someone taught me this at a church activity several years ago with other interior decorating ideas to save a dime that I don't remember so well.  But, this one has stuck with me. It works!

Listen up folks if you only learn one thing from visiting my blog today... apply the switcheroo tactic whenever possible. Okay, so since I love to change things up every couple months I have learned to move things from one place in my house to another and not actually purchase a whole new look. What I am saying is for example these curtains. I had them upstairs in my kitchen but I was getting bored of them there so instead of getting rid of them and buying all new stuff, I simply moved them from one place in the house to another. The curtains that were on these windows in the basement are now by the kitchen table and the only "new" curtains are the ones over my sink which is where these ones pictured below were. It works folks. I promise it works.
Thank you sweet sister who will never know that I appreciate and have applied her idea for many years!


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