Thrift Store Find Chair into Pink Beauty!

 Ha, ha so maybe I went a little crazy on the bold bright color but hey, why not? We could all use a little pink in our lives, right? While crafting at my craft table (see craft table post), the thought came to me that I needed a comfy chair here. The chairs at the craft table were great but hard and sometimes when crafting it takes a while, or if I wanted to read a book, or needed to feed my baby, I needed something comfortable to sit in. Having to walk over to the couch on the other side of the room was inconvenient and turned me away from facing my kids for a long period of time. (I am talking 7-10 minutes.)  That meant they would stop playing, come find me, and disrupt my momentary peace. I knew I needed to face them while they played to make this work for the both of us. These thoughts led me to needing this little chair. Also, if I was going to want to be downstairs and want to sit here, I needed to make it cute, comfy, and easy to get in and out of. Here is what came from it!

I covered the wood arms with some quilt batting I used from an extra throw pillow I didn't use and used a staple gun to attach my fun-stretchy-pink fabric over the existing fabric of the chair.  ( I made the seat cushion separately.) I then made a couple throw pillows to go on top. The top gold and white pillow is made from a placemat I bought at Target. I just opened one side with a seam ripper, added cotton stuffing, and sewed it closed. It makes for a simple and inexpensive pillow. I like their fabric designs and they use thick material so it looks professional with little effort on my part.

The chair is not perfect if one looks closely but who cares-I have kids. They may destroy it in a year or two. Just kidding, I shouldn't think this way. It looks great and honestly, I am happy with it!


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