Wall Art Revamp

I have been dressing up my basement this past month. What better way to add pizazz to the walls than cute wall art? I couldn't find exactly what I was going for in my budget after searching a couple stores so I decided to revamp this piece I found on clearance that I really liked.

I loved the flowers and the whimsical feel of the soft tones but I didn't love that the flowers rested in a vase that had a name of a perfume bottle on the front. It just distracted from the overall classic look. So, can you guess what I did? Something very simple that is for sure. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper into the shape of a vase just enough to cover the vase on the painting and not cover the green leaves.  I cut it in a sort of house shape with a sloped roof. Can you see it? Then I glued it on the canvas with Elmer's glue and brushed some Elmer's over the top of the vase to give a little shine and texture as well.

It looks great and is currently the first piece I see as upon entering the basement. I love it!


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