Home Organization Charts

I know this doesn't seem to be a very exciting post but physically writing out my overall weekly home management plan as well as the meals I grocery shopped for at the beginning of the week, helps me stay on track and is worth sharing. Simply writing this out and having it posted where I can see, helps it to be more official and is a reminder to me also of what I do and how much I do as a Stay-at-Home Mom.  These are just the things I have written down. There are more that I haven't written down that I think have become a habit and I don't need to be recorded if I just keep at.

 I have done these organization charts for several years now but every few, maybe every two years, I revamp the look of it to keep it exciting and alive. I thought I would try writing the household chores with a dry erase marker this time so that if I needed to switch things up I could do so without having to reprint and change up the entire thing. My kids now help me with certain chores as well, those of which I wrote in a more italic script.


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