Little Kids Read - Ragedy Andy

I have been reading this little treasure of a book with my two younger daughters ages three and six although I think it is a bit over the head of  the three-year-old head. It has such cute short stories about the adventures Ragedy Andy and the other dolls take on while their owner Marcella is out of the nursery. They are very creative little stories and my six-year-old asks me each night if I will read to her about Ragedy Andy. She is very enthralled in this little doll. They have a very positive sweet message overall no matter what happens they treat it as if it were a wonderful adventure no matter it is that happens to them. 
One of the latest messages that has stood out to me is that kind people are always the happiest since they are so concerned about making others happy they can't help but be happy themselves. What a sweet message. We are enjoying it.


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