Piano and Chore Charts

Every once in a while we have to revamp how the kids are effectively pitching in helping with chores and such. If it isn't happening very well, then I know that we need a new system to rally up excitement again. Over the Christmas break, I made these charts and started a new system to help them practice the piano and earn toys from a toy closet I keep in our guest room. The closet locks with a key which is helpful in making the experience of choosing from the toy closet all the more exciting. The things are pretty small and basic that they can earn once a week for filling out five practice sessions, but it has worked great over the last month so far! :)

Below, is what we do for chores. If they get to the top of the chore chart each day with things they should be doing anyway, their name goes in a jar. Once a week on Sunday I draw a name and this person gets to choose a prize from the prize closet.  The kids are loving it. Names are emptied and anyone has a chance to win again the following week.

Here is our special name drawing jar.


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