New Read to Kids

My two older kids who are now seven and nine love having me read Matilda this last week. I remember this being one of my favorite books when I was a kid but have shied away from reading it to my own kids for a couple months when I read the back cover recently. I didn't want to give my kids the impression that parents are "idiots" as it says Matilda's parents are and undermine authority figures like teachers but what if they are really horrible like they are in this book? And what if the story is not so much about that but an entirely different message.  

I didn't even remember thinking twice about that when I read it as a kid. I think what I remember was that it was empowered me to do my own thing and be myself. That kids really can have a mind of their own plus, it was written in such an entertaining, enveloping way that I felt I could really lose myself in the story. We've only read it two nights so far and they have loved every minute. I am excited to continue and see what will be most memorable about it for them.


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