Dollarstore Magic Finds

Here it is, every little girls dream! At least, this would have been mine!! I found these LED Push-to-Start lights at Dollartree that simply stick on the surface where they are placed. They only require three AAA batteries, which yes can be bought at Dollartree in 8-10 pack quantities. 

Did I mention, I love Dollartree? I have been going there since I first discovered it back when I lived in Ohio and there was one walking distance from my house. I remember the dollar store in my area when I was a kid and the fascination it brought with all I could get for my money. Then after forgetting about it through my teens I rediscovered it when I was first married and even bought the Christmas tree Jason and I used for the first seven years of our marriage from a dollar store for only $10. 

There are always treasures to be found at dollar stores and at the Dollartree things are only... wait for it... ONE dollar!!! I love this place. Seriously, I need to do a post on all the different things I get there and stock my home with, but that might be a few posts on several different occasions.






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