If you give a mouse a cookie...

My parents came up from Texas a few days before Thanksgiving. While they were here, we did a few projects around the house. My Dad put up some new house lights outside and also taught me how to change out a sink faucet. After they left, I felt empowered to put in new faucets in our master bathroom. The thing was that once I put the new faucets in I decided it would look a lot fancier in there with new mirrors over the sinks. When I took the old mirrors down I saw the precious owner had left wall paper up under the mirrors. I don't have the matching paint nor did I love the color so I decided to go ahead and paint before putting up the mirrors. Hence if you give a mouse a cookie... you're going to need a glass a milk, and a napkin, and a storybook, and the list continues. I can't wait to get some beautiful wood looking tile in here in the future and maybe a gorgeous large chandelier above the bathtub!!! :)


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