Winter Madness, Project paint

My livingroom was under construction this week because I decided "I didn't like the paint color" or maybe it was getting pretty grimy with all the little hand prints and wear through the last three years of living here. Some of my kids have been sick this week and even I had a sick spell for two days but once feeling better I pushed through it and got this baby completed!!! 

It looks so fresh and clean! I am always shocked that something as simple as a fresh layer of paint can make an entire room look brand new.  I worked on this a couple hours at a time, at 2 hour intervals, a few different times last week. I did it whenever I had a break like while kids were sleeping, at school, or at 5:50am on a Saturday morning... whenever I could make time. Okay, so it felt like I was running a marathon but listening to music and audiobooks made it pretty fun actually. It wasn't exactly a walk in the park this time because I felt a lot of pressure to get it done fast but still do a quality job (since it is in the middle of our living space and it could easily get out of hand with the kiddos) and it being Christmas time, I already had a ton to do...  But, you know I just HAD to do it. :) After pictures to come!!!


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