Childrens Read with Littles: Secret of the Silver Key

This Nancy Clancy book, the "Secret of the Silver Key" was my latest children's read with my  daughters. It is a sweet story about friendships young or old and the importance of them in our life. I  actually really liked the message and enjoyed reading this to my daughters. This series is not to be confused with the children's easy reader "Fancy Nancy" books which has a different author and which, to be honest I cringe whenever I come into possession of one of these books. Yeah I quickly find a way to donate those. I am not sure why but I guess the way the books are written and explain vocabulary as they go along I find not effective for children and enormously dull. Haha, these on the other hand I have thoroughly loved reading. It kept a pretty steady pace of needing to know what would happen for the reader and has a surprise ending that I didn't guess from the first three chapters. Check plus. 


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