Glitz and Shimmer Welcome, Time for a Fresh Start

Every couple months I like to move things around, sew new curtains, and replace some throw pillows so our space is refreshed and ready for a new chapter of living. Without really spending much, less than 75 dollars for sure,  I have a new look!! I completely changed things around by:
  • moving a rug from a different part of the house into our library/front room
  • buying this center coffee table tray which I purchased on clearance!
  • moving a furniture piece that was in our office to the living area (as shown on the right wall in the piano
  • sewing the new black and white buffalo check curtains for the kitchen eatery area
  • buying a new wreath for the new front door. It was on Christmas clearance but I made it look more everyday with the cotton sprig floral pieces I added when I got home. I had them already and was wanting to incorporate them some how. 
  • buying and making a couple new pillows for the two couches as pictured here. I made the gray and white buffalo check pillows as can been seen on the blue couch. Do you notice a theme? I really like the large checkered plaid, lately. I purchased the teal down feather pillows on the gray couch in the living room but of course, got a good deal. Two for twenty bucks, I kid you not! 
  • Last but not least, I got out my floral wreath I had put away during the holidays and put it back over the fireplace wooden doors and added a small flower arrangement for the new mirrored tray on the coffee table in the formal living room as seen in the first picture above. I made the floral arrangement from a unique looking mirrored candle holder I found on clearance. I just hot glued on some flowers on the top section where the candle would have been placed so it looks like a pretty vase instead. :)
After we took Christmas down, the main level of the house looked pretty care so I know I needed something to make it a happy space again. Now it is refreshed, bejeweled, and sparkling let's get this party started. ;) Welcome 2020!


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