Dream Barbie House - Decor on a Dime

I have had a blast lately redecorating the girls Barbie Houses that were looking pretty shabby prior to some magic decorating action. I bought two booklets of scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and tons of little dodads from the Dollartree to make these houses bling. 

For instance, I bought small frames and covered them in jewels. I covered walls, floors, and even a staircase with scrapbook paper. I added jewels to stick on push lights from the Dollartree to make chandeliers. I also, used hit glue to glue material on furniture and bedding to spruce things up. 

There are all sorts of DIY Barbie videos on YouTube that you could search out and learn from as well. The sky is the limit and I guarantee you will make some fun memories for you and your daughter if you try this! ❤️ I might have enjoyed it more than them. 😉 Haha 


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