Kiddos Learning to Care for their Toys

My youngest girl just had her birthday this week and has had a blast with her new toys. I have really been trying to teach her to care for her things not so much because they are expensive necessarily but as a principle to apply, to not waste but to manage and maintain things, so they keep their value. Her toys and clothes will continue to feel special and nice if we take care of them- how does one teach this to a child, right? Well, I think it begins with teaching them to be careful with them and have a special place to put them when they are not being used. I'm trying! 

Here, I also love that she is starting to share more and wants her sisters to participate in the fun that she is having. It is not always like that by a long shot -haha, but I do see glimpses of this every now and then and it makes me so happy. :) 


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