Latest Kid Read: The Borrowers

    I love books that potentially expand my kids imagination and make the regular world they live in become just a little bit more magical with the thought of what if... What if, as in this instance, there is a little family no larger than the size of a mouse that lives under the floor boards of our home. What if... that explains why we keep losing things and never seem to find them. What if... I am actually a "giant" to someone else. To another living creature- I am the scary huge, silly, in the way, unnecessary object beyond providing things for this little family to borrow from. And so the list goes on.

    I can't remember how I came upon this story as a child, but I am pretty sure I watched a little bit of a movie once or got hold of the book somewhere. All I mainly remember is how intriguing the story was and that I didn't get to finish it at the time. So, as an adult I saw this at the bookstore a couple of months back and knew this would be a treasure of a read to my kids. Great story, great funny little characters, and full of just the right amount to enjoyable suspense all the way to the last page! 💓💓💓


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