Library Makeover!

Introducing the new library! Ta da! My goal was to brighten this space and give it a light-hearted, fun, whimsical appeal. With all the seriousness of COVID-19 and so many other things going on in our world right now, I want my home to be a place of peace and serenity. To do this I made a few changes here and there that made a huge difference to the space!

First off, I changed out the opaque luster-lacking curtains for these lighter, more textured, translucent ones you can see in the third picture below. Since I painted this room only a few years ago, I didn't want to change to color of the walls but I knew I need to lighten things up somehow. I decided to this by bringing in more white in the room with a wall of picture art to reflect the natural sunlight of the bay window and further brighten the room.

I chose pictures that were overall white but that had fun joyful quotes, a theme of travel, and vibrant colors to compliment the look. I feel like the touch of house plants bring in an element of wholeness and freshness (even though they are fake... there is no way I am going to water these everyday. Haha!). Also, I tried to have the placement of the couch, piano, and small modern children's table and chairs tell of  the rooms purpose; reading, learning, children's art activities, music, and enjoyment. I am very happy with how it turned out!

Almost everything here I already had except for two wall art pieces, the curtains, and throw pillows. I mainly collected things that weren't being used well in other parts of my house or that I wasn't currently using  to create the look I was searching for and yet placed together in this new ways makes it feel as if brand new. That is a great trick I have learned through the years. It is like what they say about what is needed for a wedding... "something new, something used, and something borrowed." Something new is self-explanatory, something used are those lucky unique thrift store finds, and last something borrowed is what one pulls from a different room of the house.  Lol! It is true though! Hope you enjoy and can be inspired to try something new in your own space.💓


  1. This is so beautiful! I love the bright and warm colors that all play so well on each other! When I have a home I’m going to need to ask your suggestions for decorating/laying things out❤️

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I would love to help!

  2. I am loving your beautiful library.


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