Gratitude Sonnet: Summer to Fall

This is the view I see at my gym early in the morning. ♥️

I feel something new a brewing... change is in the air. Yes, Fall is in the works. But first, let me thank God for the beautiful summer He gave. Here goes.

Thank you for summer for its sunshine, fresh air, new scenery, new adventures, redefined dreams, and added depth to my soul. Thank you for the flexibility to travel, to see family, for more hours of sun, and of course all the fun at the pool.
Welcome in Fall! It is going to be great. I can't wait to see the beauties that it will come with. I am excited for the crisp changing leaves, the freshly picked apples, the bronzed orange and gold clothing colors, the cool air, and the welcoming smells of cinnamon and nutmeg.
Thank you God for these beautiful seasons. Thank you for the new opportunities and insights each passing season brings. Thank you God for all these most steady and consistent things.


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