The Boxcar Children

 My younger two daughters have loved me reading this series to them. We have read at least four of the books in the series before reading this first book, "The Boxcar Children." Luckily, you really don't have to read them in order to make sense of the storyline. 

The kids love how the characters are so independent and resourceful about finding solutions to their problems. I love how they do chores and other supposedly mundane tasks with such a happy and good- natured spirit. I am hoping this behavior will rub off on my own kids and honestly it has. 

The Boxcar Children always love making dinner and cleaning up after themselves which is great. They also are always honest and hard working as especially demonstrated in this first book. Since they start the series as orphans they start our needing to make their own way and even do so with a sense of adventure and excitement. 

Great series! We love these books. ♥️


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