New Carpet for the House!

 I have been working away at getting estimates, looking at samples, and figuring out how this would all come together. Finally in a whirlwind weekend, we got it done! The guys were super fast which was helpful with seven people living in this house of ours. We needed workers who were fast and efficient. It took a while to recover putting the furniture back, to organize toys and books that got dumped into crates, and catch up on laundry and normal weekly chores that got set aside for this to happen. 

I am so thankful it did happen though! It looks super plush and nice. My only quelm is that we still have a couple places where the old carpet is and in contrast, it looks horrible! We had to keep these spots for now because we are going to put in wood, like the upper hallway to the bedrooms and the stairs, and also the master bathroom where I hope the do tile eventually this year. 


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