New Bunkbeds for the Older Girls


Yay! We got new bunkbeds for the older girls! We have had this bunkbed for probably eight years. We got it shortly after moving to Kansas to accommodate a third baby needing to take the crib. It was very squeaky and pretty worn looking in places by the time we got rid of it although I had spruced it up a couple of times with adding some wood pieces and paint touch-ups.
I was surprised so many people asked for it when I sold it on Facebook Marketplace but you never know with those things. The new bunkbed with the new carpet is looking beautiful!  I got our "new" one on Facebook Marketplace as well. It was from Nebraska Furniture Mart originally and in "like-new" condition which I was happy with. I don't like to buy things brand new because I am always trying to save money for another big project. I have been saving for a while so hopefully it wont take more than a month to get everything lined up. At the same time, I have to be patient. Can you guess the next project? Until then, I will be working on a series of smaller projects so stay tuned!!


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