Latest Read with the Kiddos


One of my favorite things to do on trips to pass the time productively with my kids is to listen to audiobooks with them. And Beyond the Bright Sea was a very engaging and unique adventure story that one and all enjoyed. It is geared more for ages 10-12 I believe but still held the attention of my eight year old for what she could follow.

The final third of book where they have *Spoiler Alert* discovered treasure and try to decide what to do with it I found a little cheesy but still good overall. I guess I didn't like how they kept referring to having the wealth now would ruin their lives. Spend some of it for crying out loud and don't live so bare bones. Haha, just kidding. 

Having come into affluence is not bad, it will not change you as a person unless you let it.  Just saying, that part sort of annoyed me but overall it was a cute engaging story and has a cool true historic connection to the group of islands where the story takes place. It got us interested in researching about it once the book was finished. 


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