Upholstery Time!

 I finally had some time this last week while the kids were at an all day camp to do a couple small"ish" projects including reupholstering these kitchen chairs. I try to plan at least one, sometimes two, all day camps for my kids each summer, preferably mid-summer to give myself a break. Self kindness is always a good thing. I am not quite done as you can see in the pictures but I at least started and am 75% of the way there! 

I painted the wood with a dark gel stain, it was a carmel oak color before. The upholstery fabric was a tan color as you can see on one of the pics still. The new fabric is the modern gray striped-looking material. It is going to look so cute! I am excited!!

The other chairs pictured below were a faux leather which was fine but I wanted them all to match so here are these. I got all these chairs at a thrift store for maybe 7-10 each! At a furniture store, they would be 150-250 each. Yeah! Now that's what I am talking about. I don't mean to love deals but maybe it's just ingrained in me now after being a wife of a student so long, ten years? Yes, well all-in-all it helped me learn some pretty cool skills and self-reliance abilities. 😊👍

Aug 14th Update:
Finally found some time to finish these!


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