Painting Doors and Trim

 We are currently in quarantine due to the Corona Virus making its way through each family member. As a result, I have gone into hyper-project mode. Yes, I have it and have not felt great. Some days are better than others but during my spurts of energy having some personal projects on my bucket list has spurred me forward with excitement and a sense of urgency to utilize the time. 

When I am not doing activities with my family, my latest project has been to paint various doors and trim around my house. Some needed it moreso than others. They are now looking stunningly white and clean. Yay! 

One trick that is priceless, to make the projects fun is to have some great audiobook to listen to. That or some podcasts to utilize. I am currently listening to some podcasts that I have recently discovered. Some of which are "3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms" and "Extraordinary Moms". Check them out if you have a moment. They have been really inspiring. I have laughed out loud many times listening to their stories. 😊❤️




Again...after!! therapeutic and so clean! 


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