Recent Audiobook with the Kids

 With all this travel we've been doing, it's made it easy to get some longer books read together as all I had to do was push play on my phone which was hooked up to the car through bluetooth. It helped the kids keep quiet for hours and hours as we drove across the country to New York and back. It was great! Not only that but it was quite entertaining.  Here is our latest read:

It was honestly a bit long. Like the story kept dragging on and we kept asking ourselves okay is this going to be over yet or what? It was the same way with this authors other book we just read titled "Beyond the Bright Sea". 

The author is a really wonderful storyteller even if it does drag a bit towards the end. She uses such rich description and paints the picture most artfully with her unique choice of words. It is hard not to get into it right from the beginning which is always a good sign.   
I also love the historical fiction genre because the history interspersed makes it really come to life along  with the entertainment element. Great book over all! 4 Stars! I would give it a five but it really does take a while to close up the story which takes away from the effect of it. Still good though!!


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