Kid Read with Older Daughters: In the Face of Danger

What a sweet book this was. I love reading books from bygone eras, especially those of hardworking settlers on the American frontier. Books where the characters have to work hard for simple modern day conveniences we often take for granted like food on our tables and heat in our homes. 

Reading these books puts our comforts into perspective and transports us to another time to see the simple things of life in a new light. Also the book reminded my kids as well as myself to keep in perspective what is really important in life; our relationships with others and with ourselves- through the thoughts we allow ourselves to think. Are we being kind with our words or do we do harm by playing a wrong script over and over in our minds by not facing up to the truth?

In this book the main character Megan kept blaming her trials on a gypsy woman who had cursed her one day but it wasn't until she took the nessesary step of talking about this occurrence and seeing it for what it was as a silly superstition, that she was able to move beyond it and find healing.


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