The Littles: Take a Trip


This has been such a sweet book for my daughter and I to read together. The adventures this family has as it journeys beyond the walls of safety and comfort to meet with others in the name of friendship, seems perfectly fitting for our day and age. 

What is the price of human interaction? What is the price of heart to heart kinship? What would you pay? They are willing to risk their lives crossing a field, a forest, and beyond. Encountering wild animals, birds three times their size trying to devour them for their next meal and spanning the unknown. 

I think the need for human connection is greater within us than we know. We need to build relationships beyond with our selves and our immediate family. We are made as social beings to help each other and live more enriched lives. Yes, there are unknowns and even a potential for loss and pain that come with reaching out but to fully live we must be willing to experience the joys as well as the sorrows.


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