Fridge Clean Out! Have You Cleaned Yours This Week?

One thing that has really helped me eat healthy through the years is cleaning out my fridge regularly. Maybe it is just me but maybe it's not. I am willing to share just in case it helps someone else. 

In fact, I aim to semi-deep clean my fridge weekly! Yes, weekly pull stuff out and wipe down at least a couple drawers. It is a chore, yes. I don't love it but I love what it does afterward. It helps me feel like the food I put in it is clean and fresh. Then when I go to get a snack throughout the week I end up opting for more fresh whole food options because it is in my fridge and my fridge is *clean*. 

My routine is to start each Monday by cleaning out my fridge before grocery shopping. 

Pictured below is my fridge prior to grocery shopping. I just added a few more labels. Labels are essential. So what if they aren't super cute in my case, they are practical and work wonders! Labeling not only helps you but it helps your family in a moments notice know where to find things and where, a hem now this is important, to put things back. 

Even with the labels they may still put things back in the right place only 7.25% of the time but that is better than 0% of the time. Mainly it will help you and then you can start teaching them where they can put it back so their percentage of correct replacement will improve.

Awe....sigh of relief. I've got this and SO DO YOU!

P.s. I don't know if you can see it but I wrote "prepared food" and not "leftovers" as one of my labels on the lower shelf. The word "leftovers" sounds like something you feed your dog and not exactly appealing. Even the words we use on our labels are important. So let's use "prepared foods". 😊😉 Awe, yes much better!


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