House Numbers and Gold Trim on Garage Doors


Something as simple as new house numbers can really update a homes look. I am very happy with how this turned out. I thought it would be much harder than it was but really, I followed the directions on the back and watch a few YouTube videos on it and it was pretty simple. 

Also, some simple gold spray paint for the garage door handles and gold permanent paint pen for the inner trim of each door section really made the garage doors pop. Yay! Lovin' the new look! 

It was tricky finding the right gold spray paint color for the handles. The first one I tried ended up looking too bold and overdone. This color below worked out best because I found that its muted tone looks more classy and thought through. 

Here is the gold paint pen I used on the garage door inner trim. You do have to put the lid on and reshake every few minutes or so which is a bit tiresome but other than that it worked great. You can't beat $3 at Walmart. I used three of them. They are permanent so they should last. I am happy with how it turned out!!


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